A Few Words about
Helvetic Mine

Helvetic Mine SA is a professional crypto mining company that runs on 100% green energy. We have world-class hosting facilities, with professionally designed ventilation and failover networks to ensure the best services for your mining operation.

We are a professional Mining Hosting Company that will provide you with 100% green energy with 7+ years of experience. Our Partners serve us with 100% green energy and have spots within Europe. Allowing us to bring you green energy, and minimizing the effect of crypto mining on our planet. This allows us to minimize the hosting and electricity costs to you!

Our Approach

Established as a Mining business in 2017, plenty has changed about us over the last years of history but our commitment to quality standards and customer service is stronger than ever.

Our company was founded in 2017 as a Mining Company. Focusing on long-term and sustainable development concepts, today we are positioned to be a resource optimization expert in Mining Industries. 

Our History

Our Management Team