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About Us

Helvetic Mine SA is a professional crypto mining company that runs on 100% green energy. We have world-class hosting facilities, with professionally designed ventilation and failover networks to ensure the best services for the mining operation.

We are a professional Mining Company that is operating with 100% green energy. Our Farmadministrator “Mirelle Dismenol” brings 7+ years of experience within the Crypto Industry. Our Partners serve us with green energy and have spots within the whole of Europe. Allowing us to operate green, and minimizing the CO2 effect of crypto mining on our planet.

What We Do

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What Partners say:

Thank you for believing in us and staying with us despite all difficulties experienced

We appreciate the great contact we established in the last years. Thank you very much for working with us – your feedback is highly valuable and helped us a lot in establishing this great partnership.

I have worked with many companies offering Mining Industrial services, and out of all those companies there was one who really stood out from the rest. It’s Helvetic Mine SA.